How To: Scan to Mobile

How To: Scan to Mobile

  • 29 Mar 0

Want to scan documents and send them directly to your mobile device? 

Download Konica Minolta’s PageScope App! 

Click here for iPhone/iPad

Click here for Android



How to Scan to Mobile:

  1. Connect to your Wi-Fi.
  2. Download the PageScope app on your mobile device (click link(s) above).
  3. Open app.
  4. Press “Select Printer” at the bottom of the app’s homepage to make sure the Konica Minolta printer you want to use is there. If you do not see your printer, press “Add Printer.” If you still do not see your printer, click “Manual” and enter the IP Address of your machine. To find your IP address, click “Utility/Counter” on the right of your machine’s INFO-Palette and then click “Device Information.” You should now see your machine’s IP address number. 
  5. After manually entering the IP number, click “Add.”
  6. Return to the app’s homepage and press “Scan.” You should see the Konica Minolta machine you want at the top. 
  7. Change scanner settings as you see fit and you are free to press “Scan.”
  8. You should now have your scanned document in your mobile device! You can now save the document in your phone, email, or open in your device’s other apps. 

How cool is that?! With this app you can scan your documents without having to turn on your computer. 

Supported Formats:

  • PDF, Compact PDF, XPS, Compact XPS, JPEG, TIFF, PPTX (XPS, Compact XPS, and PPTX scanned with a Konica Minolta MFP are not supported for display. Only direct printing is supported.)
  • Scanning size: automatic detection, A3 SEF, A4 SEF, A4 LEF, 8 1/2×14 SEF, 8 1/2×11 SEF, 8 1/2×11 LEF 

Recommended Resolution: 

  • 200 dpi


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