Leasing Options

Promac Makes Leasing Copiers and Copy Machines Easy

With Promac’s simple and cost-efficient leasing process, you can get a brand new, award-winning copier or copy machine in your office for a low monthly lease price. The lease approval process only takes 24 hours and we can typically deliver your machine the very next day.

Our leases are fully customizable based on your needs. We offer terms ranging from 24-60 months and multiple end-of-term buyout options. Contact us to find the lease that works best for you.


Fully Customizable Lease Options

As your dedicated copier and copy machine vendor, we will work with you to create a lease package that works best for you and provides you with the greatest value over the long-term. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will make sure that you understand all the terms and guidelines of your lease prior to signing. No hidden fees. No secret terms.

All our leases come with all-inclusive service plans that provide all your toner, regular maintenance, and parts/labor in the event that repairs on the machine are required.

To find out more about the leasing process, call us at (213) 386-7728 or Click Here to request a free quote.