Meet Promac’s New 3D Interns! Part 2

Meet Promac’s New 3D Interns! Part 2

  • 17 Mar 0

Meet Fuyue! Fuyue is a first-year graduate student at USC studying Materials Engineering.

Q: Why are you interested in 3D Printing? Why did you want this internship? 

Fuyue (F): I have been interested in 3D Printing since I started learning about additive manufacturing in college. Especially when comparing 3D Printing to traditional manufacturing methods, this technology is capable of being more efficient for design and prototyping. Also, industries are not the only ones who can use this technology, but families can also use desktop 3D Printers and become their own toymakers or furniture suppliers. 

I chose this internship at Promac because it is closely related to the field I am interested in — mechanical engineering in product design and manufacturing. I also find that this internship will provide me with a lot of hands-on work, which is important for a mechanical engineer. Promac also provides the other interns and me a lot of resources, such as different 3D Printers, scanners, as well as design softwares. I am certain that this experience will help me develop a deeper understanding of this field as I am doing more than just learning from a website or papers. 

Q: What projects are you currently working on here at Promac?

F: I am currently designing a desktop cell phone holder for the sales team here at Promac. I am using a 3D design software called SOLIDWORKS and plan to print these holders using the CubePro Trio, as I know the end result will be lightweight and save costs on materials. 

Q: What are your professional goals? How do you think this internship will help achieve your goals?

F: I hope to become a professional mechanical engineer, specifically interested in the field of product design and manufacturing. This internship is a nice start for my career path since it is providing me the opportunity to learn within a real company and complete a project within a real work environment. 

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