Meet Promac’s New 3D Interns! Part 3

Meet Promac’s New 3D Interns! Part 3

  • 27 Apr 0

This spring, Promac welcomes 3 new interns to our 3D Printing team. As we will continue to share the different 3D projects we have been working on, we thought it would be a great idea to show who is behind these amazing prints.

Meet Yuxuan! Yuxuan is a graduate student at USC studying Computer Science. Yuxuan aspires to be a full-stack engineer and ultimately the CTO of his very own company. 


Q: Why are you interested in 3D Printing? Why did you want this internship? 

I was a material engineering student in college, so 3D Printing is at the joint of the two fields that I have worked in, material science and computer science. As Promac provides me the opportunity to contribute my skills in both areas, this internship is very suitable for me.


Q: What projects are you currently working on here at Promac?

We are working on a 3D model design for the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The hotel is looking to provide this  miniature 3D Printed model for all their guests.


Q: What are your professional goals? How do you think this internship will help achieve your goals?

I aspire to be a full-stack engineer and ultimately the CTO of my very own company. This internship will boost my skills in computer science and material science, including web design and model design, and of course some hands-on experience in 3D Printing. Only when you know its current situation, you can see its future.

The people here are also kind and the environment is really friendly. My supervisors, James and Brett, are always ready to provide everything that we interns need to making things happen. Thank you all!


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