Meet Promac’s New 3D Interns!

Meet Promac’s New 3D Interns!

  • 15 Mar 0

This spring, Promac welcomes 3 new interns to our 3D Printing team. As we will continue to share the different 3D projects we have been working on, we thought it would be a great idea to show who is behind these amazing prints.


First, we have Alan, a USC Viterbi School of Engineering graduate student studying Materials Engineering. 

Q: Why are you interested in 3D Printing? Why did you want this internship?

Alan (A): 3D Printing is definitely trending in the world today. I have also been interested in the 3D Printing industry for a long time now, as it gives people a new approach to create and manufacture their ideas on their own.

Even as a high school and undergraduate student, I have learned about 3D Printing in my lectures, but never thought I would get the chance to have hands-on experience with it. So this opportunity is one of the reasons why I wanted this internship. 

Q: What projects are you currently working on here at Promac? 

A: I am currently working on building items on SOLIDWORKS and 3DPrint, then using the ProJet 660 Pro to print. Some major advantages of 3D Printing is that it can easily produce sophisticated structures and save materials, especially when compared to more traditional methods. For example, I am currently building a trophy using 3DPrint software, which I know will save costs on materials when printed. By using a 3D Printer, I can produce the trophy in one print, eliminating the need for a traditional and extensive process, like plastics extrusion. 

Q: What are your professional goals? How do you think this internship will help achieve your goals? 

A: My goal is to work in the manufacturing industry as a materials process engineer, focusing on materials modification and multiple application. I look forward to applying what I am learning in school about manufacturing to 3D printing and seeing the different advantages that 3D printing has to offer. 


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