Automated Toner Restocking

Receive Toner Refills without Lifting a Finger

When you sign up for our Copy Machine Service Plan, you automatically receive the benefit of our automated toner restocking service. Using our remote monitoring system, we will keep track of your toner levels and receive alerts when your toner runs low. Then we dispatch a technician with new and/or spare toners so that you’re never stuck waiting for more toner cartridges. It’s that simple! Chances are, we’ll know that you’re low on toner before you do. 

100% Uptime and 100% Satisfaction is Our Goal

When it comes to service, Promac’s goal is to have your machine running properly 100% of the time. Our automated toner restocking service helps us to accomplish this goal by never making you wait for new toners to arrive. We know that your business relies on efficiency and productivity. So does ours. That’s why we provide automated toner restocking for free to all our clients.

Contact us to learn more about automated toner restocking and service plans. Request a quote online or call (213) 386-7728.